Increase and Protect

Our investment philosophy begins and ends with a buy and sell discipline known as Increase-and-Protect.

Increase-and-Protect investing uses a dynamic risk management process to increase or reduce risk exposure in an investment portfolio. Unlike static buy-and-hold models, the I&P process dynamically changes an investor’s risk exposure by changing their exposure to equity in the portfolio. In periods of rising markets, equity exposure is increased. In periods of market decline, equity exposure is reduced.


There are two types of losses. A loss of capital and a loss of opportunity; but there will always be another opportunity if you protect capital. We are very conscious of trying to protect your investments during times of anticipated negative volatility, that way; we will have capital to invest when new opportunities arise.

*The strategy discussed and asset allocations do not ensure a profit or success, nor does it guarantee against a loss. There is no “right” time to enter or exit a market, and there could be tax or trading implications associated with this strategy. There is no guarantee that the investment objective will be met